Another day at the Grove means crepes

top, free people; sunglasses, YSL

Despite the downpour on friday night, my friends and I made it safely through the endless rainy la traffic to santa monica for dineLA at Ocean and Vine at the Loews hotel. Though the food was good, the dim lighting was unfavorable to the photos I attempted to take. Some pictures of the food survived which I will post soon. The weather allowed for outside endeavors and through a spur of the moment food frenzy craving, we made it to the farmer's market at the grove for crepes and tacos at loteria. Both are a must. They are in such close proximity to each other that it is impossible to eat at one place and not the other. As you can tell, even after the tacos, I managed to lick my plate clean of the nutella, banana, and farmer's cheese crepe. Triple yum. I felt that the free people top is so versatile... yet didn't realize that the open shoulders really do affect the warmth that you get from a regular long sleeve top. hahaha. And after an unfortunate incident involving breaking my car window and taking my almost empty purse, this is the last picture I have in memory of my sunglasses and my bag.


  1. yum! looks good. sucks about the break in.. why do people steeeaalll. roaaarrrr. love u and miss u!


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