Video Shoot Sneak Peek

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here are some video screen captures from a lookbook for ark&co... the spring collection is maybe not totally my style.. but definitely feminine and cute~ I'll see if I can post the actual video, or at least clips from it, after I make sure it's not going to lag when people open it... I'm anticipating some fun this weekend, so I'm really excited for the posts coming up. I just hope I'll be able to sneak a camera into a concert tonight, and I won't forget to take photos of the food I'm planning on eating before it gets shoved down my throat. oh, and shopping is definitely on the schedule...
have a good weekend.


  1. Looks like fun!

    Great blog - your style is really laid back and fun, I cant wait to see some more of your outfits!


  2. I want to see the videos.

  3. cool blog! cant wait to see more too!

  4. Lookin' hot Angela. Love those black shoes w/ zipper. SEXY.


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