Transfer Tattoos by Chanel

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Though I'm not someone who actively seeks the latest items from chanel... i can't deny the slight obsession i have with transfer tattoos, henna, and the like. I'm somewhat chicken to take the steps to permanently ink my body. So imagine the way my eyes lit up when i saw these images for the spring 2010 Chanel collection... I immediately had to know if these tattoos were haveable and I HAD to blog about my discovery. The exciting news is that they are... but in march. About 55 tattos for 45pounds (about $78). Considering that I'm more than willing to place 4 quarters in one of those old school machines to get one of those roses or butterflys (you know what I'm talking about), the price for these are clearly worth it. I MUST WILL get my hands on these.. so look for them in my future posts.


  1. You forgot to mention awesome tattoos that using to come with the Bazooka Joe's. Life was better as a kid...

  2. angela, i love your blog posts! they are all so fun to read!

  3. how many tattos are you planning to wear at once?

  4. Hi thanks for the comment!
    If you like that bag, you should check this one of hers out :

    It's just so adorable!

    I totally agree about the tattoos, so cute, I'll have to refrain from going overboard with them!

    Love your blog, I'm going to follow now :)


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