Have the rainy days passed?

top; f21; jacket, vintage Evan Piccone

There is something inherently soothing about driving with snow-capped mountains as a backdrop in southern california... it makes the gallons of rain that poured down last week somewhat forgiveable. I rarely get the opportunity to actually tread the sidewalks of downtown la, apart from walking the few feet from the car to a random bar. But the wide red-brick sidewalk and random obstructions of "art" combined with the city lights provided a photo-worthy landscape. I'm sure the snow has overpopulated the slopes, and despite the fact that I haven't gone boarding this season, I'm actually looking more forward to spring rolling around... I'm so glad that this jacket survived all the closet spring cleanings that have occurred since it was acquired back in grade school. I'm sure I wasn't a huge fan of it back then when my mom thought it was cute to wear to church, but now I guess I have actually grown into it and the cut is suddenly flattering. I hope to have more pics coming soon from the brunch this past weekend with the girls and the festivities to come. hurray!


  1. Not cool, it´s awesome!!! :)

    have a great day!



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