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tights, Primark; cardigan, UO; mini dress, H&M

Waking up for the long commute... and then recognizing the lingering scent of manure stir my nostrils as I get out of my car at school came all too quickly. I'm back to the usual grind. But to save you from the whining and complaining, I'm going to jump straight into the events that transpired during the last weekend of my winter break. For the bf's birthday shindig, he decided on Bar 107 in downtown la... though it's embedded within one of the more sketchy parts of la, this ecclectic hipster dive bar brings in all sorts of personas, from hipsters to punk rockers to khaki wearing asians. Maybe it's the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer... or the black and white old school photobooth that we hogged the whole night next to the 10x10 dance floor. I provided a view of the decor behind the bar though it doesn't do justice to the interior designer they must've hired for the entire place. haha. The bf commented on the bright purple tights that I wore that night, but they fit right in with the apparent surroundings. I got them in London last year... they were soo soft and the color was perfect. And long cardigans just happen to be an overdone staple in my wardrobe. Though I'm pretty much back to donning my converses and jeans almost everyday and allowing Starbucks to eat my wallet... the key word is "almost." I'll be posting...


  1. yay for purple and Starbucks

  2. AHHH the manure stench..wouldn't be the same without it.
    Ps. Perhaps the cause of your fall today was the smell..maybe you were lightheaded and lost your balance?? lol

  3. angela.... purple?? haha i want to check out that bar. viv n julez went there too hmm


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