View at the Grove

oversize sweater, LF Stores; leggings, H&M; boots, Jessica Simpson; bracelets, F21

When you have perfect lighting and a pretty
christmasy view, despite the
complaints of embarassment from my sister, pictures
had to be taken....haha.
Even the quaint display at BR was irresistably a photo
opportunity... sorry sis.
This oversized sweater is surprisingly warm
despite the quarter sleeves and kept me from
overly shivering even as
the night got colder...and as you can imagine
from any oversized sweater... super comfy.
That also applies to the boots. After having been
neglected and forgotten in my shoe closet,
they've emerged and have quickly become
my new fave for the winter.
Finally, after a quick how-to session from the bf,
I decided to endeavor in some photoshopping fun...
As he semi-hovered over my shoulder and
tried to give pointers as I clicked randomly, in
the end I would say it was successful.
Sigh... although by now I've been saying this like
a broken record... my winter break is
seriously going too quickly...


  1. y no pictures where you're looking directly at the camera? love the outfits :)


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