Studio 2

sweater vest, free people; shorts, forever 21; long cardigan, uo; boots, randomly borrowed

Just when I thought the weather was seriously cooling down,
I found myself not having to wear a sweater to
school today. I failed miserably trying to convince
my friend (Canadian... go figure) that it does
get cold in California... My bf took these photos during
one of several study breaks
after inquiring about whether wearing a million
layers is necessary and/or practical...
my answer... yes?


  1. Note: Your Canadian friend who was wearing a tank top today because it clearly NEVER gets cold in California

  2. wow! great outfit. i really like those boots. where can i get jane a pair?

  3. Those boots were randomly borrowed from me! wheeeeeeeeeee hahahah they were only $18 bucks from a cheapy shoe store in new york two years ago


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